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UZBEKISTAN: You Gotta Be Pushy a.k.a. The Uzbek Style Queue

It started when we boarded the Uzbekistan Airways flight. It seemed that the announcement informing all passengers that the bus was ready to take us to the airplane, came with a simultaneous electric shock in everyone’s seat. About 100 people got up en masse and promptly created a large cluster by the stairs leading down …

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UZBEKISTAN: The Little Green Running Man and Why Are All the Cars White?

I thought I knew how to cross a busy city street. I grew up in a city and have been crossing streets since I was 5 years old. I lived in New York and in D.C. I was fine. Then I moved to Tashkent. Tashkent’s roads are either huge boulevards with at least six lanes …

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Could You Please Push the Elevator Button for Me?

I was on the red line metro, two stops away from the Union Station, when I noticed a guy in an electric wheel chair in the middle of the car, facing the door. There was a large thick straw like tube that forked at the end close to his face. He operated his wheel chair …

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