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Could You Please Push the Elevator Button for Me?

I was on the red line metro, two stops away from the Union Station, when I noticed a guy in an electric wheel chair in the middle of the car, facing the door. There was a large thick straw like tube that forked at the end close to his face. He operated his wheel chair …

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At Grandma’s, Time Stood Still

As I recovered from each chemo, I often wondered what it would be like if my Grandma was still alive. I imagined myself staying at her house or, rather, a one bedroom apartment in the city. A fifth floor walk up, I used to run up the stairs, sometimes taking two at a time. Breathless, …

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The Father’s Day Bitter Pill

I forgot, It’s Father’s Day. I turn on Facebook and nearly everyone’s profile picture is changed to a faded or even a black and white photo of themselves with their father. All of them smiling, in an embrace, holding hands, gazing at each other lovingly, mid pose in a wedding dance, on a boat holding …

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