Model for a Day Part III – SHOW TIME!

                                IN LOVING MEMORY OF:

RACHEL YINGLING                                     MICHAEL GARLINGTON

Rachel 3 (2)        Michael 3

Rachel and Michael, we miss you so much and had you in our hearts the whole time.

So, we did it. We pulled it off and had our first annual Prevent Cancer Foundation Fashion Show where all models, and most others involved, had cancer before or are currently fighting it.

You may have seen my previous posts here and here that described our preparations.

It took a lot of planning and dealing and wheeling on the part of our director, the very talented Chaseedaw Giles, but we did it and here are some pictures to prove it.

A short film documentary about the show is coming soon, thanks to Patrick Melon.

The atmosphere was awesome and we couldn’t have asked for a better audience.


prep time 2  prep time

silly time  prep time 3

biggest fan (2)  Juan and Rachel (2)


Here are a few pictures of me:

11164589_916960528345853_4747485680387028734_o  1496507_916963258345580_6904316530134356191_o

11113000_916960111679228_6612436177457493124_o  11059598_916999141675325_5761971284035016450_o

11535688_916962235012349_2424932365388853694_n  11539233_916960821679157_8579843087895326086_o

And here are some pictures of my fabulous co-models:

Olimpia  Rachel

Juan  Megan

Kristy  Rebecca

Jen  Sarah

Takesha  Trish

Caitlin  Erica

Erin  Sabrina

Crystal  Olimpia 2

And here are some pictures from after the show:

runway  runway 2

Chaseedaw - Deborah - Michael sister  Deborah Bond

Chasseedaw  11336987_10152969310331616_5815670350934559352_o



And as Rachel would say: “Onward and upward”.

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