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Oh Hair, Where Art Thou: The Chemo Hair Loss Journey

I sit here, three and a half months after the last poisonous infusion that scared my hair follicles into stupor, and I can still see my scalp through the little bit of hair that managed to grow back. What’s the holdup? I ask in my head rolling my eyes upwards as if the hair could …

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Last Chemo: The Anti-Climactic Victory

My last chemotherapy was on December 5th, 2013. The evil Taxotere, the vile Carboplatin and the wicked Herceptin. I dreamt about it for weeks, for months. It was going to be a glorious day marking the end of my torture but instead I sort of felt like a kamikaze fighter – going into the battle, …

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Side Effects: Somebody Must Want You Up There

“Somebody must really want you up there.” Said my cab driver as he looked upwards and rolled his eyes towards the sky. I tried to smile politely meeting his eyes for a microsecond in the rearview mirror. I was on the way home from the hospital, just having received a white blood cell forming booster …

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