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Neither Here Nor There

As I near the completion of my active treatment for cancer, I often think of what others call the landmarks and milestones I reached and passed. The biopsies, surgeries, the chemotherapy, the hair loss, the reconstruction, the PET scans, the follow ups, the blood work, the hair re-growth. It sounds as if I walked around …

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At Grandma’s, Time Stood Still

As I recovered from each chemo, I often wondered what it would be like if my Grandma was still alive. I imagined myself staying at her house or, rather, a one bedroom apartment in the city. A fifth floor walk up, I used to run up the stairs, sometimes taking two at a time. Breathless, …

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When I Die

So I am thinking that when I die, it actually won’t be that bad. Either there will be nothing, kind of like going under anesthesia, in which case, you are in and then you are out. No regrets, no feeling pissed off you are missing the action. You are just out. Like the light. Switch …

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