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Eye Cancer Check-Up: Take Two

My alarm clock rang at 4:30 AM, pulling me out of a pill induced sleep. It was still dark outside and the narcotic was pushing my eyelids closed. I flung the covers off me, knowing my carefully scheduled morning routine didn’t allow for any snoozing. It was the day of my eye cancer check up …

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“You Have Giraffe Eyelashes”

I hate the smell of acacia in the morning. Or it may be a different tree, different flower. But its smell causes pangs in my stomach because it blooms in late May and early June and reminds me of when I was a kid and used to walk to school terrified of the final exams. …

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The Diagnosis: Say Cheese With Your Eyeball, Please

I heard my name being called and a tall willowy female doctor waved at me to follow her. She had shorter straight brown hair cut in a tight page boy. I sat in a chair with all kinds of apparatuses attached to it and folded my hands in my lap. The doctor turned to me …

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